1. Reservations can only be accepted on a completed booking form accompanied by a deposit of one-third of the rent. Reservations made, less than 63 days before the holiday commences, require the full rent plus any extra charges due at time of booking. Reservations will not be accepted for all male or female parties.

2. The clients are responsible to pay the balance of rent 9 weeks prior the start of the holiday,
once the booking form is received by us. Only the Utilities Deposit is returnable.

3. No more people other than that specified on the booking form may occupy the property for use as a holiday home. The client agrees to take good care of the property, be responsible for the cost of any damages, breakage’s or exceptional cleaning, pay for all gas and electricity charges and leave the property and its contents in a clean and tidy condition.

4. Lettings are for a minimum of one week during the high season and a maximum of four weeks. Lettings begin @ 3pm on the first day of tenancy and end @ 10am on the day of departure unless specified otherwise.

5. The owners reserve the right to reasonable access to the property by themselves or their staff.

6. The person who signs the Booking Form certifies that he or she is authorized to agree to conditions of Booking on behalf of the persons included on the Booking Form including substitutions or additions made at a later date. He or she must be one of the party occupying the property.

7. In the event of a complaint the client must immediately notify the owner. No compensation will be made or correspondence entered into in connection with complaints made after the property has been vacated.

8. If for any reason beyond the owners control (eg fire damage) the property is not available on the day booked all monies paid in advance by the client will be refunded in full but the clients shall have no further claim upon the owners.

9. Acceptance of a reservation by the owner confers upon the clients the right to occupy the property within the meaning of sec. 9 of the Rent Act of 1977 for a holiday.

10. If there has been any breach of these conditions the owners may re-enter the property and terminate the tenancy without prejudice to the other rights and remedies of the Landlord.

11. The owners accept no liability for inaccuracies in the details of the accuracy of the description of Waterfront House.

12. If there is any discrepancy between these conditions and the other contents of the website these conditions shall prevail.